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Politics, I hate talking politics, its a never ending circle of arugments, the thing i hate about politics is it makes everyone involved so stubbourn and I cant ever remember someone going “Yea you know you’re right my believes are wrong I have just been a fool” during a politics conversation.  With that being said with recent events that have been taking place in our country I have found my self paying much more attention to politics and what is happening around the country and world, and all I have to say is I was shocked at how the younger generations have for the most part been absent in general knowledge about whats going on with our government.  So I am writing this post in the hopes that maybe more people my age and around my age get off Facebook, and read about some issues that will effect our futures, and take action, 

the video is a good one and its time we start to realize that we young people are the future and we need to do what it takes to ensure we are aloud to live like are parents did, we need to make sure we are treated fair and not punished for life because we wore born at the wrong time.  WE ARE THE FUTURE SO LET US CORRECT THE PRESENT TO ENSURE WE CAN LIVE IN THE FUTURE.

I also plead that people stop getting there political facts from Fox News and MSNBC, as all both sides jobs are is to make the other side look terrible and most of the time stretch the truth, please read articles from non bias sources and learn the right facts.  I read an article that tells the effect of these extream news sources have one people.  The article tells of the authors father and how he has been told by Fox News and other Right wing news outlets a certain way to think and to hate certain people and to look down on actions, when he is the same person he hates but he doesn’t understand that he is that person he so strongly dislikes, you can read the article here


I hate Facebook

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Remember when Facebook first came out, remember when it was just a wall and a place to post your pictures and tag friends?  Remember when there was only a few people you knew on Facebook and you knew all the people who you were friends with?  Simpler times those were indeed, as I peruse my Facebook it felt as though I was back in the High School Lunch room, why? Because Facebook (which is actually recognized as a word in most word processors now) is no longer about reconnecting with friends and a simple way to reach previously unreachable people for music purposes.  Facebook now days is absolutely littered with gossip, stupid advertisements, pointless and time wasting games, and ridiculously stupid wall post, and status updates.  First i would like to say if you spend countless hours playing FB games STOP and get a new hobby, go outside read a book or at least read some news from a neutral source online and get some real education about what going on in the world.  Also if you are friends with someone in real life and have their phone number PLEASE CALL OR TEXT THEM, i dont need to see couples telling each other how awesome each one is when they can do it in person or text them, also please people stop having conversations on each others walls, if you have Facebook you have a cell phone CALL OR TEXT YOUR FRIENDS, no one needs to see how much you say you miss you bestie who you are going to see in a day seriously.

Im sorry for the random ramblings but i needed to get that out i will try and make sense of all this soon enough.  The way i see it is Facebook could be an absolutely marvelous tool if we use it correctly, for instance, you find a long lost friend or relative, cool post on their wall about your life and catch up, that’s totally cool because you havent seen them in  a long time and most likely wont for a while, also use it to spread the word of something new you have accomplished.  That last point i only mean to an extent, i dont care if you finally get to drink because the weekend is here now WE ALL KNOW THE WEEKEND IS HERE, and please people stop announcing you will be partying super hard this weekend.  We as a society and especially our generation need to start being more accountable for ourselves and do much more to better ourselves for the future.  So Please when you are done reading this please close Facebook and read about whats happening in the real world instead of your world.

This Video Pretty Much Sums it UP

What will the Cloud do for you???

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When I was ready to start posting certain musical works of mine it was like car shopping, there were so many different services that I could use.  All of the  different website, like Reverb nation, band camp, pure volume, Top Spin, and Sound Cloud all have there own little differences while all being similar.  I choose to use SoundCloud, the reason behind that choice is the fact that it is pretty basic layout, not the most exciting look to it and everyone’s sound cloud page looks the same, but it perfect for what I needed.  I was looking for something that didnt have a lot of extra gadgets and what not because I dont feel like i am established enough yet to need other things like show bookers and things like that.  The thing that is cool about sound cloud is all the free space they give you to post things its almost 2 hours worth and if you need more there is a premium option that cost money but if you are only using it to help you get a start its perfect.  I feel i can post unfinished pats of projects and other things i am working on so that people can hear them and maybe give some feed back.  I plan on maybe going to a more advanced site down the road but for now sound cloud is perfect. Click here for my sound cloud

Why not CwF and give a RtB?

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Connect with Fans and Give a Reason to Buy are very good models to live by in the music business, heck its been how people have been doing business for  years.  But now people are going to new distances to connect with fan bases and giving more reasons to buy.  But  can all these new ideas really help you get more attention, and  how extreme  are you willing to go to give a reason to buy.  Say you are in the process of working on a new album but support for the album is limited as you don’t have much of a fan base and to them you are just an act they like but  not crazy about, so you decide  to have an investment tier system for your new album. Say something like 10 dollar pre-order gets you a signed copy of the new cd, 20 dollar pre-order gets you a signed copy of the album maybe a making of the album dvd and at 20 dollars their name or something goes into a  special  thanks section in your artwork.  Then maybe at like 50 dollars they get a VIP ticket to a concert, 100 dollars and up you get to be on stage, 500 you can sing or play on a song, and 1000 dollars and up the person can tour with you (with length of them touring  determined by donation).  Now that seems easy and who knows maybe there are some people out there looking to live  bi curiously through you and want to take the whole tour with you, and people value  you enough to want an a signed copy of  the cd, and people want you to succeed enough to  support the album  and life is great.   But what if your terrible at music or you havent done enough in the past to prove you can take donations and turn them into advancements to your music.  I can not only make you feel terrible  but also shine negative light onto your music career, and possible just destroy your motive to go on any future.  I personally think trying something like this would be sweet but only after releasing some solid material so people can see your promise for the future.


How will you improve your paper chasing?W

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Musicians looking to record should be changed to Good musicians looking to record.

The world wide web has greatly changed the pie chart above, except with the new advancements in home audio today basically anyone can record themselves and flood the market with sub par music and call themselves an artist.  There are also sub par musicians who know the right people and get super rich and famous for singing about garbage.  Either way a lot of the artist rely on the WWW to get their music out, and have at times used the WWW to get discovered , look at Justin Bieber he was discovered from a YouTube video.  Others have been discovered from sites like pump audio, sound cloud, and various other places.  But all of those tools are basically giving your music away for free (except Pump Audio which allows advertising company’s a chance to find a license your music), so how would I ever make money using those mediums? and even if I was to make it into public view how would i make money because people would just pirate my music using P2P sites and torrents.

I saw this and found it interesting, because people have been defying this model of how the industry works, bands like Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Zox and many others have made their own models to adjust to todays media landscape.  If i were to make my own model for defeating the dreaded music industry and its seemingly endless horrors of destroying bands, I would start by first making sure I have quality music to give to people so I could start to gain some attention if people heard my music.  I would post my music on a site in which you could download it for free at first, I would also make some videos that some how relate to my music, make videos of me in the studio, in jam sessions etc., to show people how my process is.  Once I felt I had enough people that could tolerate my music I would play shows and sell my cds at the shows, so for the people who like the hard copy they finally can.  Assuming I was popular enough in the area i would start to record a new album with a tier support system.  I would have things like all donations get their names in the cd artwork, then things would go up the more you gave, things like you can talk on the album or you can sit on stage during a show and so on.  I would also hold things like the a fan artwork contest where I would leak my album at a lower quality, allow people to hear it, have them make some album artwork from what they interrupted from the album.  Those are just some of the ideas i would consider when deciding how to beat the Machine that is the WWW

O the Mash Up

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So to be honest here i strongly disliked the mash up project, i understand why we had to do the mash up project but i did not enjoy it much at all.  With that said I did my mash up in Abelton Live then imported it into protools so i did enjoy the new cool things i learned in Abelton but dislike the songs we had to try and mash up.  I sent many hours of this project trying to make things fit but only to get frustrated when it sounded like crap, i did this a few times over the time we had to work on  it.  then on one strange wednesday i sat down and knocked the whole thing out in like 2 hours or so, could it have been better…yes, but i was happy i had finally got something that didnt sound like animals dieing.  i used the songs Hot Sauce by Thomas Dolby and Moving in Stereo by the Cars and i think i did an alright job with it… Click Here for Finished Project.


Fantasy Football

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The feeling i get waiting for sunday to roll around during the months of september-january, i usually feel pretty excitited, why because its NFL Football Sunday.  As much as i hate tv i love me some NFL action, and to go along with the basic love of watching football i feel the urge to add an element to make it that much more exciting, Fantasy Football.  For those who dont know fantasy football, it is really about being lucky, and gives us more reasons to watch football because often times money is on the line, plus gives us a reason to get drunk on a thursday and hold your league fantasy draft.

The orignal rules were draw up for fantasy football in 1962 by Wilfred Winkenbach, Bill Tunnel, and Scotty Starling.  The actually game was invented in 1988 from 88-1995 stats were kept track of on paper but in 1995 fantasy football was added to the internet where it was very easy to have fantasy teams and keep track of the stats.  It is estimated over 18 million people play fantasy football today, which means there is 18 million people who believe they can change real NFL games every week.

I hate the packers but this is hilarious