Fantasy Football

The feeling i get waiting for sunday to roll around during the months of september-january, i usually feel pretty excitited, why because its NFL Football Sunday.  As much as i hate tv i love me some NFL action, and to go along with the basic love of watching football i feel the urge to add an element to make it that much more exciting, Fantasy Football.  For those who dont know fantasy football, it is really about being lucky, and gives us more reasons to watch football because often times money is on the line, plus gives us a reason to get drunk on a thursday and hold your league fantasy draft.

The orignal rules were draw up for fantasy football in 1962 by Wilfred Winkenbach, Bill Tunnel, and Scotty Starling.  The actually game was invented in 1988 from 88-1995 stats were kept track of on paper but in 1995 fantasy football was added to the internet where it was very easy to have fantasy teams and keep track of the stats.  It is estimated over 18 million people play fantasy football today, which means there is 18 million people who believe they can change real NFL games every week.

I hate the packers but this is hilarious


~ by cbt22 on 02/03/2011.

One Response to “Fantasy Football”

  1. michael vick single handedly helped me win my fantasy league this year. On another note when greg jennings scored in the super bowl all i could think of was this video haha

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