O the Mash Up

So to be honest here i strongly disliked the mash up project, i understand why we had to do the mash up project but i did not enjoy it much at all.  With that said I did my mash up in Abelton Live then imported it into protools so i did enjoy the new cool things i learned in Abelton but dislike the songs we had to try and mash up.  I sent many hours of this project trying to make things fit but only to get frustrated when it sounded like crap, i did this a few times over the time we had to work on  it.  then on one strange wednesday i sat down and knocked the whole thing out in like 2 hours or so, could it have been better…yes, but i was happy i had finally got something that didnt sound like animals dieing.  i used the songs Hot Sauce by Thomas Dolby and Moving in Stereo by the Cars and i think i did an alright job with it… Click Here for Finished Project.



~ by cbt22 on 02/12/2011.

3 Responses to “O the Mash Up”

  1. Yea i wish we could have picked our own 2 songs i so would have done something ten times better lol.

  2. Where is the finished project? I guess you didn’t uploaded or something. I had to make the same mash-up and I would love to see what you did 🙂 And let me know what you liked about Ableton! I enjow that DAW a lot!

  3. Yea sorry i tried to upload it but it must not have gone through, it will be up by tomorrow

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