How will you improve your paper chasing?W

Musicians looking to record should be changed to Good musicians looking to record.

The world wide web has greatly changed the pie chart above, except with the new advancements in home audio today basically anyone can record themselves and flood the market with sub par music and call themselves an artist.  There are also sub par musicians who know the right people and get super rich and famous for singing about garbage.  Either way a lot of the artist rely on the WWW to get their music out, and have at times used the WWW to get discovered , look at Justin Bieber he was discovered from a YouTube video.  Others have been discovered from sites like pump audio, sound cloud, and various other places.  But all of those tools are basically giving your music away for free (except Pump Audio which allows advertising company’s a chance to find a license your music), so how would I ever make money using those mediums? and even if I was to make it into public view how would i make money because people would just pirate my music using P2P sites and torrents.

I saw this and found it interesting, because people have been defying this model of how the industry works, bands like Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Zox and many others have made their own models to adjust to todays media landscape.  If i were to make my own model for defeating the dreaded music industry and its seemingly endless horrors of destroying bands, I would start by first making sure I have quality music to give to people so I could start to gain some attention if people heard my music.  I would post my music on a site in which you could download it for free at first, I would also make some videos that some how relate to my music, make videos of me in the studio, in jam sessions etc., to show people how my process is.  Once I felt I had enough people that could tolerate my music I would play shows and sell my cds at the shows, so for the people who like the hard copy they finally can.  Assuming I was popular enough in the area i would start to record a new album with a tier support system.  I would have things like all donations get their names in the cd artwork, then things would go up the more you gave, things like you can talk on the album or you can sit on stage during a show and so on.  I would also hold things like the a fan artwork contest where I would leak my album at a lower quality, allow people to hear it, have them make some album artwork from what they interrupted from the album.  Those are just some of the ideas i would consider when deciding how to beat the Machine that is the WWW


~ by cbt22 on 02/18/2011.

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