Why not CwF and give a RtB?

Connect with Fans and Give a Reason to Buy are very good models to live by in the music business, heck its been how people have been doing business for  years.  But now people are going to new distances to connect with fan bases and giving more reasons to buy.  But  can all these new ideas really help you get more attention, and  how extreme  are you willing to go to give a reason to buy.  Say you are in the process of working on a new album but support for the album is limited as you don’t have much of a fan base and to them you are just an act they like but  not crazy about, so you decide  to have an investment tier system for your new album. Say something like 10 dollar pre-order gets you a signed copy of the new cd, 20 dollar pre-order gets you a signed copy of the album maybe a making of the album dvd and at 20 dollars their name or something goes into a  special  thanks section in your artwork.  Then maybe at like 50 dollars they get a VIP ticket to a concert, 100 dollars and up you get to be on stage, 500 you can sing or play on a song, and 1000 dollars and up the person can tour with you (with length of them touring  determined by donation).  Now that seems easy and who knows maybe there are some people out there looking to live  bi curiously through you and want to take the whole tour with you, and people value  you enough to want an a signed copy of  the cd, and people want you to succeed enough to  support the album  and life is great.   But what if your terrible at music or you havent done enough in the past to prove you can take donations and turn them into advancements to your music.  I can not only make you feel terrible  but also shine negative light onto your music career, and possible just destroy your motive to go on any future.  I personally think trying something like this would be sweet but only after releasing some solid material so people can see your promise for the future.



~ by cbt22 on 02/25/2011.

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