What will the Cloud do for you???

When I was ready to start posting certain musical works of mine it was like car shopping, there were so many different services that I could use.  All of the  different website, like Reverb nation, band camp, pure volume, Top Spin, and Sound Cloud all have there own little differences while all being similar.  I choose to use SoundCloud, the reason behind that choice is the fact that it is pretty basic layout, not the most exciting look to it and everyone’s sound cloud page looks the same, but it perfect for what I needed.  I was looking for something that didnt have a lot of extra gadgets and what not because I dont feel like i am established enough yet to need other things like show bookers and things like that.  The thing that is cool about sound cloud is all the free space they give you to post things its almost 2 hours worth and if you need more there is a premium option that cost money but if you are only using it to help you get a start its perfect.  I feel i can post unfinished pats of projects and other things i am working on so that people can hear them and maybe give some feed back.  I plan on maybe going to a more advanced site down the road but for now sound cloud is perfect. Click here for my sound cloud


~ by cbt22 on 03/06/2011.

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