I hate Facebook

Remember when Facebook first came out, remember when it was just a wall and a place to post your pictures and tag friends?  Remember when there was only a few people you knew on Facebook and you knew all the people who you were friends with?  Simpler times those were indeed, as I peruse my Facebook it felt as though I was back in the High School Lunch room, why? Because Facebook (which is actually recognized as a word in most word processors now) is no longer about reconnecting with friends and a simple way to reach previously unreachable people for music purposes.  Facebook now days is absolutely littered with gossip, stupid advertisements, pointless and time wasting games, and ridiculously stupid wall post, and status updates.  First i would like to say if you spend countless hours playing FB games STOP and get a new hobby, go outside read a book or at least read some news from a neutral source online and get some real education about what going on in the world.  Also if you are friends with someone in real life and have their phone number PLEASE CALL OR TEXT THEM, i dont need to see couples telling each other how awesome each one is when they can do it in person or text them, also please people stop having conversations on each others walls, if you have Facebook you have a cell phone CALL OR TEXT YOUR FRIENDS, no one needs to see how much you say you miss you bestie who you are going to see in a day seriously.

Im sorry for the random ramblings but i needed to get that out i will try and make sense of all this soon enough.  The way i see it is Facebook could be an absolutely marvelous tool if we use it correctly, for instance, you find a long lost friend or relative, cool post on their wall about your life and catch up, that’s totally cool because you havent seen them in  a long time and most likely wont for a while, also use it to spread the word of something new you have accomplished.  That last point i only mean to an extent, i dont care if you finally get to drink because the weekend is here now WE ALL KNOW THE WEEKEND IS HERE, and please people stop announcing you will be partying super hard this weekend.  We as a society and especially our generation need to start being more accountable for ourselves and do much more to better ourselves for the future.  So Please when you are done reading this please close Facebook and read about whats happening in the real world instead of your world.

This Video Pretty Much Sums it UP


~ by cbt22 on 03/09/2011.

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