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Politics, I hate talking politics, its a never ending circle of arugments, the thing i hate about politics is it makes everyone involved so stubbourn and I cant ever remember someone going “Yea you know you’re right my believes are wrong I have just been a fool” during a politics conversation.  With that being said with recent events that have been taking place in our country I have found my self paying much more attention to politics and what is happening around the country and world, and all I have to say is I was shocked at how the younger generations have for the most part been absent in general knowledge about whats going on with our government.  So I am writing this post in the hopes that maybe more people my age and around my age get off Facebook, and read about some issues that will effect our futures, and take action, 

the video is a good one and its time we start to realize that we young people are the future and we need to do what it takes to ensure we are aloud to live like are parents did, we need to make sure we are treated fair and not punished for life because we wore born at the wrong time.  WE ARE THE FUTURE SO LET US CORRECT THE PRESENT TO ENSURE WE CAN LIVE IN THE FUTURE.

I also plead that people stop getting there political facts from Fox News and MSNBC, as all both sides jobs are is to make the other side look terrible and most of the time stretch the truth, please read articles from non bias sources and learn the right facts.  I read an article that tells the effect of these extream news sources have one people.  The article tells of the authors father and how he has been told by Fox News and other Right wing news outlets a certain way to think and to hate certain people and to look down on actions, when he is the same person he hates but he doesn’t understand that he is that person he so strongly dislikes, you can read the article here


~ by cbt22 on 03/13/2011.

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  1. That is so true, My friends are so uninvolved.

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