•01/14/2011 • 1 Comment

As i sure no one cares but as i sit awake watching tv late on this thursday night i started to notice a common theme on tv, most of it sucks.  The reruns of the worst annoying commercials, the worst reality tv shows, MTV, and the new line up shows that are so terrible they get canceled after 3 episodes, i feel like i should quit tv.  I think we as viewers should feel insulted by the crap they put on tv now days, they keep making the same shows over and over again, sometimes as the next season and sometimes a new show just slightly different and a little crazier.  Also i wish we could go back to the days before all the American idols and dance off shows and back to real shows with real writers and actors, sure many of the shows before still sucked but they required real thought and some of them were alot better then battling choirs.  Im sure no body cares but i think i am going to give up tv for a while, with the exception of the last few weeks of football, some cartoons for the back ground when im doing things, and of course the Timber Wolves because there usually arent many crappy commercials during the games.

there is one good thing i live to dance has produced press 1 during the movie